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RAF Watches WW2

During WW2, large numbers of Omega watches were supplied to the RAF, as they were deemed very reliable with their 16 Jewel 30T2 movement.

Originally supplied in high quality nickel cases, they quickly became fitted into soft alloy grey looking metal economy cases; that served their purpose.

Price Paid: £150 - £250+
Other brands were used by the RAF during WW2 include Movado, Jaeger Le Coultre, Zenith and Ebel.

Pictured here is a Movado that was only supplied in small quantities.

Price Paid: £200+
RAF WW2 WEEMS pattern aircrew wrist watch

The idea behind this style of watch that was very important to the pilots of the time, was the ability to set the second hand (without stopping the watch) by use of the moveable bezel. This style watch was supplied by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd of London, and the Air Ministry gave the reference as MkVIIA.

Although no manufacturer is displayed on the dial above, it is manufactured by Jaeger Le Coultre. Other Manufacturers included Omega, Longines, Movado and Zenith.

Price Paid: £500+

In the earlier years of WW2 the Air Ministry issued so called Swiss economy timepieces that were unsigned and therefore lacked the kudos of the well know Swiss brands. However they served their purpose and they often exhibit the same appearance of comparative named brands

Price Paid: £80 - £150+