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British Military Clocks & Timepieces WW2

RAF WW2 Sector Clock

RAF sector clocks may appear to have a very strange dial, but the dial was designed for the purpose of tracking aircraft positions during WW2, but particularly during the “Battle Of Britain”. At first an expensive Elliot movement was used, and then later a more industrial Smiths movement was adopted so that the clock could be more easily without potential loss of time keeping ability.

Price Paid £1100+
RAF Mess Clock

Mess clocks were produced to a high standard for both the rest areas for Officers and Sergeants. They first appeared at RAF bases in the late 1920s and were manufactured to a very high quality with engraved brass dials that were silvered. FW Elliot and Stockall Marple were the main suppliers. After WW2 many were sold off when the redundant RAF bases were sold.

Price Paid: £250+
British WW2 Aircraft Clock

Many clocks were manufactured by the Smiths Company during WW2.
The above example is a MK II variant supplied before the “Battle of Britain”, having an 8 day movement, with center seconds hand as well as “dummy hands”. The “dummy hands” were to be used when working out a flight time. This particular model was bezel wound rather than by use of a winding knob on later variants.

Price Paid: £50+