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I was recently contacted by a friend that was on holiday in Scotland, and knows I am interested in watches. He came across a watch that he thought was military at an antiques market and called me. The description sounded hopeful and after images were sent to me I could see it was a vintage British Army Cyma watch.

The Cyma is part of a group of watches (known in the collecting field as the dirty dozen) that started to be supplied/issued by 12 Swiss watch producers at the end of WW2; and are called WWW military watches.

Other watch brands supplied at this time include:

Timor, Eterna, Longines, IWC, Buren, Grana, Jaeger Le Coultre, Record, Vertex, Lemania & Omega.

Although these military timepieces were not actually issued during WW2, they were used in subsequent conflicts; and some even saw use during the Falklands Campaign.

All these vintage watches were manufactured to a similar criteria in respect of size, dial design, type of hands, shatterproof glass and number of jewels in the movement.

The Cyma military watch purchased is in very good condition for the age and has the original hands, while the dial has discoloured to a dark chocolate brown colour; and keeps very good time. An indication of how well the watch has been looked after is the lack of any damage on the rear case. Very often the case backs are opened without the proper tools and therefore deep scratches are seen that damages the watch value.

This can then lead on to the movement being viewed and then potentially damaged by those that are not experienced with working with watch movements.

Well made, and well looked after military watch

Cyma WWW Military Timepiece in good condition

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