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Military Watch/Clock Information

When I started to collect military watches/military timepieces/military clocks there were no books available to act as a reference, and  internet information was still in the realms of infancy.

However I did purchase from military shows, general public, general watch dealers and auction houses. Even in the early days prices of some military watches looked expensive, and quickly my knowledge increased.

Soon the first books appeared, and the following are essential to collecting military watches and clocks:

A Concise Guide To Military Timepieces 1880 – 1990 by Z.M. Wesolowski

Military Timepieces – by Marvin E. Whitney

Military Watch Encyclopedia – by Kesaharu Imai

Books published more recently inlude those by Ulric of England, and perhaps the most detailed being the large books by Konrad Knirim:

Vol I: German Military Timepieces – 150 Years Watches & Clocks of German Forces

Vol II: British Watches & Clocks of Their Majesties Forces

Still today there are mysteries in the collecting field, as official paperwork has become destroyed or misplaced over time.

Also more watch “marriages” are being seen when civillian watches are being utilised to make an “original” military timepiece, along with a whole range of outright fakes that could catch out a novice collector.

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