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Luftwaffe Vintage Military Chronograph Wristwatches

During WW2 the Luftwaffe pilots were flying some of the most advanced aircraft of the time. They were also equipped with very high quality wrist watches that were able to help them for navigation purposes as a backup system to the Junghans and Kienzle cockpit clocks.

Even today the look of either the Tutima or Hanhart chronographs is modern, the black dials are very clear and easy to read, aided by the once strongly luminous hands. These military chronographs were made from a high quality brass case that was nickel-plated and had a screwfit caseback. The dials had two subsidiary counters between the 9 and 3 positions.

These watches were originally provided with a sturdy brown leather strap, and plain buckle. Pilots were so proud of these watches, that many wartime images show them posing for photographs with their watches deliberately on full show.

Throughout WW2, there were a number of production changes that reflected the growing urgency of wartime production. Culminating in the example of the immediate post war production of the Tutima; before the whole Company was packed up by the Russians and taken back to the Soviet Union.

So highly regarded by the Russian, the Tutima Glashutte watch and movement was copied and put into production at least into the mid 1950s.

The Hanhart chronograph military watch, was seen as a direct competitor to the Tutima, and at first glance they looked very similar. However the movement was seen as of a slightly more economical design, but it was still used by member of the German Army, Navy & Airforce (Heer, Kriegsmarine & Luftwaffe).

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