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How Much Is My Military Watch Worth?

I am often asked this question when I haven’t  seen the item or any images. Therefore I rely upon the owner to provide an accurate description before I can look at any provided images.

Value of military watches have increased from the 1980’s when very little was known on the subject. However due to the present economic climate I believe that rise in values have slowed.

One of biggest issue that can decrease value on a military watch like any antique is the overall condition. Collectors like to see vintage watches with a few marks on them, but there is nothing worse than seeing a watch that has been abused. I have seen abuse ranging from vice marks on the watch case, deep chisel marks on the case backs to improper tools being used on the delicate movements by untrained people.

However this doesn’t mean that the watch must be put on a buffing wheel to make it highly polished. All this does is remove the original surface finish that detracts from what a collector is looking for.

Very often it must be considered carefully if a military watch is beyond economical repair as parts for the vast majority are in short supply, and  qualified watch repair labour rates can be expensive.

Originality is also a very important factor as there are sometimes “marriages” of same brand but incorrect model components.

In conclusion all vintage watches be they military issue or made for the civilian market have a value; and the value is determined by condition, originality, how rare an item is in pure production numbers/market perception.

If you have a military watch or clock for sale and you are unsure of value please feel free to contact me for free advice via email or 07977 057 330 or via the contact page on this website.

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