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American Watches

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When the USA first joined into the field of WW1 conflict, their Signal Corp were issued with Zenith wristlets that were signed on the dial with the Zenith brand and word Signal Corp. Therefore the US Government was very forward thinking in its relationship with the wristwatch, and combined with manufacturing might could out produce any other nation of that time.

During WW2 the USA started to supply the UK with armaments that included aircraft that were fitted with aircraft clocks manufactured by Waltham, Elgin and Longines-Wittnauer.

Also wrist watches by Bulova and Waltham with their respective military credentials stamped on the case back were over stamped with RAF stores references.

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Bulova, Elgin and Hamilton produced the bulk of the watches for the US Army, Navy, Marines and Airforce. Different styles can be seen from black dials to silver dials, movement jewel number and the term A-11 was the official military definition for those watches intended for navigation purposes.

These watches were produced in such numbers that a quantity were produced for the Russian Government as well as the Canadian Airforce.

Although mass produced, the military wrist watches, military pocket watches, and military clocks of this era were designed and manufactured to a high standard.