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I am a passionate Military wristwatch, Military Clock and Military timepiece buyer.

My enthusiasm started 15 years ago when I purchased my first British vintage army watch with a black dial. is a website that specialises in the buying of your genuine Military watches including chronographs, and cockpit clocks from all periods of history and all nationalities. Luftwaffe and RAF WW2 watches and clocks a speciality.

This includes Military timepieces from the era of the Zeppleins and Luftwaffe right up to the modern day timepieces of those that crew military jets, swim underwater missions or travel the fields of conflict. Being a collector and not a dealer allows me to pay the highest price for quality items, as I do not have to sell the item onto a third party.

This site is only intended to be looked at under the context of education, and the preservation of important historical items that may otherwise be damaged by improper storage or just thrown out with the rubbish. The site is also non-political and is not connected to any past or present extremist organisations.

All Military Watches and Clocks wanted, working or not!

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